Vasile Topac

AgroGo Cofounder

Good outlook for Barley prices in the Black Sea region for this season!


Hello friends,

In some seasons there are some crop that stand out from the rest with high demand and high prices.
For example, in 2016, the rapeseed culture was the rock-star in the European region with high acquisition prices.

This season, judging by the information available so far in the market, barley will be on high demand.
The last prices that we've got in the Romanian Black Sea port (Constanta) show a significant increase (reaching 195 EUR/ton, FOB price).
Beside this, the latest USDA reports (which you can find structured and summarized in AgroGo - USDA reports section) indicate a major decrease of global barley stocks and also decrease of production (bigger then the decrease of consumption):
AgroGo - USDA barley statistics

Also, some news have mentioned that the forward contracts for the new crop, signed in the Black Sea region, have significant bigger prices than the ones from the last season.

In conclusion, the outlook for barley looks great this year.
In the farmers will also obtain a good production, the barley crop can be highly profitable this season.

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