Vasile Topac

AgroGo Cofounder

Sunflower seed is on big demand - Romanian Black Sea prices for sunflower seed 2019/2020


llo friends,

Oil seeds are very popular products this winter, with high prices for rapeseed on Euronext market and big prices for sunflower seed.

Sunflower seeds DAP ConstanČ›a prices (delivered at ConstanČ›a, Romanian Black Sea port) had a rise of approximately 80 $/tone from the harvesting period until now, reaching the level of 400 $/t.

In the lower graphic you can see the evolution of the price in the last months:

It will be interesting to keep an eye on the oil seed prices evolution, giving the latest dynamic evolution. For rapeseed we already have some clues for future evolution, based on futures contracts listed on Euronext (the evolution is easily observable in the Forward curve graphic available for Professional subscription here: https://www.agrogo.net/en/preturi-cereale/rapita ); however, for sunflower seeds there are no relevant exchanges that list future prices, so the market is a bit more unpredictable, specially in the Black Sea region.