Vasile Topac

AgroGo Cofounder

Some thoughts about AgroGo - the mission, short history, founders and what do we offer...



When we created AgroGo, the mission we set was to create one of the most intuitive and simple services for grain pricing and grain transactions.

Simplicity is extremely important to us, since we realize this industry tends to be more and more complex, many times becoming hard to manage and involving big learning curves.

In this respect, we tried to create an intuitive user interface and also to simplify the data we present, by normalizing the prices (we transform all prices to the same unit measure and the currency of your choice).

Short history.

In 2016 we started working on AgroGo, after we previously presented a PDF file with a mock-up to some farmers and grain processors for feedback. In October 2016 we officially launched the online service in Romania, and one year later, in October 2017 we launched the international version.

One of the reasons to go international so early was to connect the Romanian market with the international one but also to serve as price information services in more countries, and to present the international data we had to more users.

What do we offer?

We present prices for the main agricultural products: wheat, feed wheat, corn, feed barley, sunflower seeds, rapeseed, soybeans, pea and the byproducts of oilseeds (sunflower oil and meal, rapeseed oil and meal and soy oil and meal).

We offer both future prices from the most representative exchanges for each product and spot prices from the physical market.

  • In the physical market have a special focus on grain prices from Constanta, the Romanian Black Sea port. For this we have some partnerships with some local traders for price information. But we also provide physical prices from other places from Europe or outside.
  • In the futures market, we offer daily prices, and we tried to select the most relevant exchanges for each product (CME/CBOT and Euronext/MATIF for wheat and corn, Euronext and ICE Canada for rapeseed and so on...).

We also present statistics and reports form leading authorities like USDA or Eurostat. The WASDE report from USDA, containing information about stocks, production and consumption in the world is presented in a short and structured way.

Who are we?

The founders of AgroGo have great experience in developing real time trading applications, and have developed apps for trading at CME, ICE, Euronext and other leading exchanges in the world. In AgroGo we tried to apply concepts from great exchanges, but in a strongly simplified fashion.